Tuition Case Studies

Our tutors help both children in state care (Looked After Children) and private clients. They use their abilities and knowledge to make learning better and improve how the children feel, behave, and participate in school. Here are a handful of case studies of our students. 

Student A

Case Studies

Student A demonstrated exceptional aptitude and skill in Mathematics. Recognising the student’s potential for even greater achievement, our experienced tutor stepped in to provide the necessary support and guidance. From year 5 to A-levels, this student displayed a natural talent for the subject and excelled with ease.

Thanks to our tutor’s expert guidance and resources, this student was able to complete their GCSE Maths at the incredibly young age of 10! This early academic success did not go unnoticed and resulted in multiple offers from some of the country’s leading  schools.

As the student progressed into their GCSE, our tutor continued to support him in the pursuit of ever-greater challenges. At the age of just 16, the student successfully completed their A-level Maths exam, and his tutor also prepared him for Oxbridge university entrance exams and interviews. We are thrilled to have played a part in this remarkable student’s journey and look forward to seeing all they will achieve in the years to come.
(Student A was helped by our tutor from age 7 to 18)

Student B

We are elated to share that we were able to offer personalised and effective support to Student B, who was facing challenges with their education due to their exclusion from a special school and lack of motivation. Our distinguished dyslexia specialist tutor meticulously assessed the situation and devised a comprehensive plan that helped the student catch up in key subjects such as Maths, Science, and English.

By providing consistent home-schooling every day, the results were remarkable. Throughout the academic year, Student B’s academic abilities underwent a phenomenal transformation, and as a result, they advanced a year ahead of the national average. Our unwavering belief in their potential, coupled with our guidance and support, enabled Student B to overcome their difficulties, resulting in their acceptance into a mainstream school.

(Student B was helped by our tutor for one academic year)

Case Studies

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